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Simple and reliable one-on-one video calling between mobile devices

Google enters the video calling market with its product: Duo. This innovative product is added to Google's roster of communication tools to bring the grand total up to four, but Google Duo does several things better than the other tools. Duo, along with the rest of Google's communication tools, are free to download on Android and iOS devices alike.

Know Knock: See who is calling you before answering

Google Duo is a very intuitive and very simple to use video calling application that works exclusively on Android and iOS mobile devices. This is not a desktop application. Although it shares some similarities with googles other video calling application, Hangouts, Duo does a couple things differently. As afore mentioned, Duo is designed and specialized exclusively for mobile devices, where Hangouts is available on both desktops and mobile. This allows Duo to be specialized and focused in a way that isn't possible for a hybrid application like Hangouts to be. the other main feature is what google is calling 'Knock Knock'. When you receive a call from a contact, Knock Knock activates the camera on the other end before you answer the call, so you get a heads up before you answer the call. Think of it as a video call display. No other application has this feature and is exclusive to Duo.

Seamless communication

The real appeal to Google Duo is it's simplicity. Since Duo does one thing, it's decided to do it well. The interface is clean and has only one real focus: find a contact as easily as possible and then initiate a video chat. The picture and sound quality do depend on your coverage, but that's to be expected and when in a strong coverage area, the picture is crisp and clean, the audio spotless. Even when coverage is weaker, the audio comes through pristine so while the video may lag a pixilate a little, you will always hear what your friends and family on the other end of the call are saying. With 'Knock Knock' you get a preview of the call to come, even on the lock screen, so you can always tell who is calling and what they're doing.

Google Duo will most likely make your life easier

Google Duo is a strong product in an arena already saturated with applications that enable video calling either as a feature or as a primary focus simply because video chat is all Duo does. Google believes that if a person wants to video chat, they will rarely want to change the call into a group chat or a text message session. Because of this fact, Duo remains simple and effective while introducing the innovative 'Knock Knock' feature that is sure to gain some notice. Download Duo on your mobile device for free and start video chatting today!


  • The innovative knock knock feature allows you to see who is calling before you answer
  • Extremely simple interface to use
  • Specialized to work specifically on your mobile phone or tablet so there's nothing you don't need and everything is directed to one purpose: making video calls


  • No voice only option
  • No compelling reason for IOS users to switch to Duo from Facetime for calling other iOS users
  • Both users need to have Duo installed to start the voice call

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Google Duo for iPhone

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 147.0
  • 4.1
  • (26)
  • Security Status

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