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Help & Info about Google Duo for android

  • What is Google Duo for Android?

    Duo is a special one to one video calling app that has been created by the Google team. The app works with all versions of Android devices and has a good reputation for delivering high quality video calls as well as for being easy and safe to use.
  • What Countries is Google Duo for Android Available in?

    The app can be accessed in virtually every country around the world where Google is also available. The app is also available in a total of 78 different languages, while there are plans to release more languages in the future.
  • Is a Google Account Needed to Use Google Duo for Android?

    People who wish to make use of this app do not need to have a Google account. Although the app has been created by the Google team, it works completely independently from Google’s email account and other software.
  • Are Google Duo for Android Calls Safe?

    Duo has a strong safety reputation and all video calls that are made are end to end encrypted. This prevents other people from hacking into video calls, while they are not stored on Google servers so that they cannot be joined or witnessed by other people at any time.
  • Does Video Calling with Google Duo for Android Work with 2G Networks?

    Duo is designed to work well even on slow network speeds, including 2G. however, it should be noted that the speed of the network may affect the quality of the video call and if the speed is too slow the video feature will be suspended during the remainder of the call.
  • Is Google Duo for Android Free?

    The duo app is available to download and use free of charge. Video calls are made and received using an internet connection and users have the option of connecting to Wi-Fi so that video calls will be free of charge.
  • Can Google Duo for Android Record Video Chats?

    Duo comes with a special feature that allows users to record their video calls if they want. This means that important video calls can be saved and played at another time if desired, although in order to protect privacy it is not possible to share video calls on social media sites.
  • Do I need to Sign Up to Use Google Duo for Android?

    Like all messaging and chat apps, users need to sign up to use Duo. However, it is necessary to do this simply by supplying your mobile phone number and no personal information needs to be supplied at any time.
  • Can I Reject Video Calls on Google Duo for Android?

    The apps special Knock Knock feature allows users to see who is calling them before answering. This means that they can decide to ignore the phone call if they wish or simply cancel it in the same way they would a regular phone call.
  • Can I Send Texts Using Google Duo for Android?

    For the time being at least, Duo can only be used to make video calls. However, there are many different apps that can be used to send texts and other types of messages such as regular phone calls free of charge.


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